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"Tom of Your Life"
The film "Tom of Your Life" recently premiered in Chicago, and due to Covid-19, will be premiering online on September 1, 2020. Storyline: When a baby is born who inexplicably grows, evolves and ages four years an hour, a strung out nurse smuggles him out of the hospital to show him what life is all about before the authorities and time catch up with them both. Colleen plays Nurse Gabby.

"Speaking in Tongues"

Premiering Thanksgiving (2020) weekend on Amazon, iTunes, Vubiquity, DirectTV, Dish Network, Vudu, Google Play, Fandango Now and Deluxe Canada. Storyline: A lonely college student grieving the loss of his mother has found purpose in a local megachurch. When a young pastor invites him to Chicago for a summer internship evangelizing the 'lost", his new faith is put to the test.


The Netflix series, "Chambers", with Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn, which was released in 2019, Colleen portrays the hospital nurse, that Uma Thurman's (Nancy LeFevre) and Tony Goldwyn's (Ben Lefevre) characters encounter after a family death. It's a slow burn, and available now, so be sure to check it out on Netflix!

Did a fun radio spot for Santa Fe Improv, promoting Santa Improv Teen Camp. Take a listen!




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